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Root Canal Treatment in Pearland

Root Canal Treatment at Denta Care?

Denta Care employs cutting-edge technology, which is commonly exclusive to endodontic practices with a focus on root canal therapy. Specifically, our state-of-the-art Cone Beam Computed Tomography (3D) scans provide a precise assessment of cases and facilitate strategic treatment planning. In addition, we utilize digital X-Rays to offer real-time visuals of each step of the procedure.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment modality that is undertaken in instances where caries and associated bacteria have breached the tooth's outer structure, progressing to the inner pulp, where the infection can rapidly disseminate in the surrounding soft tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. Additionally, root canal procedures may be required following tooth injuries, such as cracks or fractures, which increase the vulnerability of the tooth to infections.

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How to Diagnose a Root Canal Infection?

During the examination, our dentist will diagnose the underlying cause of the discomfort by performing a radiographic assessment of the affected teeth and surrounding structures. This enables us to accurately determine the extent of the damage and the appropriate course of action. In case root canal therapy is deemed necessary, our dentist will evaluate the urgency of the situation and schedule the treatment accordingly.

Is a Root Canal Necessary for Me?

Routine dental checkups are essential for preventive care since patients may not experience any symptoms until the infection has progressed. Commonly, symptoms that indicate the need for root canal therapy are:

  1. Tooth discoloration
  2. Inflammation and discomfort in the surrounding area
  3. The formation of a lesion resembling a pimple in the vicinity of the infected tooth
  4. Heightened sensitivity to temperature changes, persisting even after removal of the hot or cold stimulus

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