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Night Guard @ Shadow Creek Ranch

What is a Night Guard?

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a common problem that affects many people. Grinding teeth can cause enamel damage, tooth wear, jaw pain, and gum irritation. It can also disturb the sleep of a partner due to the noise it creates. Using a night guard, which is similar to a mouth guard worn by athletes, can act as a barrier between the teeth and prevent grinding during sleep. Night guards are customized to fit comfortably and allow proper breathing.

Additionally, you can try to prevent teeth grinding by avoiding chewing gum or objects, as well as drinks containing caffeine or alcohol. If you suspect you grind your teeth at night, you should schedule an appointment at Denta Care to get your Night Guard (Mouth Guards) that are durable and can last for years if no dental alteration has been done to the teeth.

Night Guard illustration

How to tell if I’m Grinding my Teeth at Night?

  • Swelling in the area near your jaw
  • Regular rhythmic contractions of jaw muscles
  • Waking up with a headache or soreness in the jaw
  • Excessive wear on specific areas of your teeth
  • Muscles in your jaw feeling tight

How can a Night Guard Help with my Teeth Grinding?

We've got great news! A custom-fitted Night Guard can help protect your teeth from damage caused by grinding. Our team will make sure that your guard is crafted from a comfortable plastic material that fits perfectly over your teeth to create a barrier between your upper and lower teeth. Plus, since each Night Guard is unique and made from an impression of your bite, you can be sure that it will fit you perfectly and allow you to breathe normally.

And the best part? Night Guards are durable and can last for many years! So you can sleep soundly knowing that your teeth are very well protected.

Don't wait! To learn more about how a custom-fitted night guard can help you sleep better and protect your teeth, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dominguez and our friendly team today.

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