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Dental Fillings in Pearland

What are Dental Fillings?

Dental restoration or fillings refer to the procedures that aim to restore the shape, function, and structural integrity of damaged or decayed teeth caused by factors such as cavities, trauma, or natural wear and tear. These treatments may also involve the replacement of missing tooth structures supported by dental implants.

What are Dental Fillings Used For?

Dental fillings are employed to rectify any damages sustained by the tooth's enamel or dentin. Typically, dentists make use of either amalgam or composite resin materials to treat teeth that have undergone minor fractures or decay.

Filling illustration

Some Fact About Dental Fillings:

  • Composite and porcelain fillings appear natural
  • They are heat-cured bond with high strength
  • Directly bonded to the tooth
  • You can brush your teeth immediately after getting the filling
  • These filling are stain-resistant compared
  • Longevity of up to 7 years

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