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Clear Aligners @ Shadow Creek Ranch

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners have become a more popular alternative to the traditional metal braces. Like braces, Clear Aligners are meant to help straighten teeth and improve your smile.

At Denta Care, we provide SureSmile by Dentsply, which according to the company; it is up to 30% a faster system than other clear aligners

How does SureSmile Work?

Clear Aligners have demonstrated to be a proficient approach for teeth realignment, exhibiting comparable efficacy to conventional braces in several instances. In certain cases, Clear Aligners may even expedite the treatment process as a result of the accurate application of force by these plastic trays onto the teeth.

Clear Alginers illustration

What Does the Complete System Include?

  • Dental Aligner Trays for up to 36 months
  • VPro Dental Vibrator. A dental device that is used for 5 minutes a day that helps improve the treatment process
  • Free Dental Whitening at the end of the treatment
  • Final Retainers after the end of the treatment

Get Clear Aligners Near You

At Denta Care, we make the initial process extremely easy for you. Our staff will use a digital scanner to get a 3D Dental Image of your teeth. The staff will also take pictures of your teeth in order to send the 3D Dental Images and Pictures back to the laboratory. It takes up to 2 weeks to receive your treatment plan and you will be called in to review the plan with our dentist.

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