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Cancer Screening

Are you aware that oral cancer is the sixth most lethal form of cancer globally, with approximately 54,000 new cases identified each year? It is a rising issue among individuals aged 40 and above, particularly among those who smoke, use smokeless tobacco, and consume alcohol regularly. Oral cancer has an 83% cure rate if identified and treated early.

It is crucial to detect any abnormalities that occur in the tissues of your lips, mouth, and throat early on to prevent potentially serious health issues from developing, including oral cancer and other oral diseases.

Primary Factors That Can Increase the Risk of Oral Cancer

  • Related oral cancer diagnosis
  • Heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • The utilization of tobacco in any form, such as smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes, as well as consuming chewing tobacco or snuff, and other similar products
  • A past record of substantial exposure to the sun, which heightens the likelihood of developing cancer of the lip

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

  • An alteration in the alignment of your teeth or dentures, causing them to fit differently
  • Sudden and dramatic weight loss
  • Pain in the ears
  • An uncomfortable sensation or perception of an obstruction at the rear of the throat
  • Appearance of white, red or speckled (white and red) patches in the mouth
  • Unexplained bleeding in the mouth
  • Sores on the face, neck or mouth that do not heal within two weeks, are prone to easy bleeding, and continue to persist
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing, speaking, or moving the jaw or tongue
  • A persistent sore throat, hoarseness or alteration in the voice
  • Swollen or thickened areas, bumps, rough spots, crusts or eroded areas on the lips, gums or inside of the mouth
  • Unexplained sensation of numbness, loss of feeling, or pain/tenderness in any region of the face, mouth or neck for which there is no obvious cause

How is an Oral Cancer Screening Done at Denta Care?

Dr. Dominguez will inquire about any changes in your medical history and unusual symptoms. She will examine your oral cavity, which includes your lips, cheek lining, gums, tongue, floor and roof of your mouth, as well as your throat, tonsils, and the back of your tongue. Additionally, she will check for any lumps or abnormalities by palpating your jaw and neck. Using Cutting-Edge Technology in imaging helps detect any abnormalities.

Early detection may result in better treatment outcomes. please call us at (832) 810-8485 to schedule a convenient appointment or click on the below button schedule it online.

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